About us

The Manx Industrial Relations Service (MIRS) is an independent, Government funded organisation whose job is to promote good industrial relations on the Isle of Man. (Our most recent Annual Report, can be accessed by using the link at the end of this page).

We offer impartial and free advice to employers, employees and trade unions.

MIRS currently has three Industrial Relations Officers who are appointed by the Governor in Council,  Nicola Batey, Damian Warburton and Natalie Christian.

Our main objectives are:-

  • to provide impartial and practical advice on a wide range of employment related issues;
  • to help promote a clear and practical understanding of current and impending legislation;
  • to encourage a non-adversarial approach to avoiding or resolving difficulties and disputes that arise in employment relationships and deal with disputes that arise under the Trade Disputes Act;
  • to offer conciliation on complaints, or potential complaints to the Employment Tribunal regarding individual rights;

Contact Information

You may wish to contact us via our contact form.

Complaints Procedure

Should you have any reason to be dissatisfied with the service from the Industrial Relations Service please feel free to discuss the issue with us and we will make every effort to put right any shortcomings.

To raise a formal complaint you may write to:

The Governor in Council

c/o the Chief Secretary

Chief Secretary's Office

Bucks Road