Advice, Information and Guides

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A Guide to Conciliation PDF 232.1KB
A Guide to Conciliation (Polish) PDF 591.3KB
A Guide to Redundancy PDF 1.6MB
Dispute Resolution: Mediation PDF 336.1KB
Conducting a Disciplinary Investigation PDF 510.4KB
Social Media Policy PDF 303.5KB
Itemised Pay Statements DOCX 42.2KB
Guidance for the Employment of Children 2018.pdf PDF 214.1KB
A Guide to preparing a written Statement of T&C's PDF 356.2KB
Unfair Dismissals PDF 296.4KB
Constructive Dismissal PDF 258KB
Unlawful Deductions PDF 340.7KB
Redundancy Selection Pools PDF 609.1KB
A Guide to Zero Hours Contracts PDF 596.3KB
How the Employment & Equality Tribunal calculates the Award PDF 165.9KB
A Guide To Our Services PDF 381.5KB