Individual conciliation

What is individual conciliation?

We have a legal duty to offer conciliation in most cases where a person believes that their employment rights have been infringed. We can do this whether or not an application has been made to the Employment & Equality Tribunal.

When there’s a disagreement between an employer and an employee (or a group of employees - please see collective conciliation), we can help both sides to try to come to an agreement and settle the dispute. This is called 'conciliation'. 

How can conciliation help?

Conciliation can be used when both sides cannot reach an agreement in talks between themselves. The conciliator will try to find common ground to help both sides find a way forward. 

The benefits of using collective conciliation include:

  • it’s free
  • it’s voluntary 
  • it’s confidential
  • both sides can agree outcomes

If you would like more information on conciliation please refer to our guide, or contact us to discuss. Further information about mediation can be found on the ACAS website.

A Guide to Conciliation